Chat GPT vs Claude - Comparing AI Models in PostNitro

Chat GPT vs Claude - Comparing AI Models For Carousel Post Generation

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As the co-founder of PostNitro, I've always been fascinated by AI's potential in content creation. Our platform leverages various AI models to generate engaging and informative carousels. I wanted to take a closer look at how these models compare regarding quality and cost.

In this blog post, I'll share my findings as I create carousels using different AI models, including GPT 3.5-Turbo, GPT 4o, GPT 4-Turbo, Claude Haiku, Claude Sonnet, and Claude Opus. I'll use a simple topic, "Managing Stress and Burnout," and keep the parameters consistent to ensure a fair comparison.

The Contenders:

Before diving into the results, let's take a quick look at the AI models we'll be comparing and their associated costs per 1 million tokens:

ServiceModelsInput Cost (per 1M tokens)Output Cost (per 1M tokens)
Chat GPTGPT 3.5-Turbo$0.5$1.5
GPT 4o$5$15
GPT 4-Turbo$10$30

As you can see, the costs vary significantly between models, with Claude Haiku being the most affordable and Claude Opus being the most expensive.

The Showdown:

Now, let's see how each model created a carousel on managing stress and burnout for professionals using a creative tone.

Chat GPT 3.5-Turbo:

API response time: 6 seconds

Input tokens: 1342

Output tokens: 507.5

Estimated cost: $0.003716


The carousel generated by GPT 3.5-Turbo was decent, covering the main points of stress management. However, the content felt generic and needed more creative flair I hoped for.

Chat GPT 4o:

API response time: 9.86 seconds

Input tokens: 1342

Output tokens: 552

Estimated cost: $0.03983


GPT 4o produced a more engaging carousel with better-structured content and a more creative approach. The increased cost is evident in the improved quality of the output.

Chat GPT 4-Turbo:

API response time: 12.39 seconds

Input tokens: 1342

Output tokens: 533

Estimated cost: $0.07738


The GPT 4-Turbo model generated a high-quality carousel with well-written content and a creative spin on the topic. However, the cost is significantly higher compared to the previous models.

Claude Haiku:

API response time: 3.27 seconds

Input tokens: 1342

Output tokens: 506

Estimated cost: $0.0028655


I've always enjoyed Claude's outputs, and the Haiku model didn't disappoint. The carousel felt more human and relatable, with a creative approach to the topic. Plus, the cost is the lowest among all the models tested.

Claude Sonnet:

API response time: 9.9 seconds

Input tokens: 1342

Output tokens: 608.25

Estimated cost: $0.040521


The Claude Sonnet model produced an impressive carousel with a poetic touch that elevated the content. Although the cost is higher than that of Haiku, it is still reasonable considering the output quality.

Claude Opus:

API response time: 16.7 seconds

Input tokens: 1342

Output tokens: 566.25

Estimated cost: $0.190005


The Claude Opus model generated the most sophisticated and creative carousel among all the models tested. The content was engaging, informative, and had a unique perspective. However, the cost is significantly higher, which may only be feasible for some users.

Side by Side Comparison

ModelAPI Response TimeInput TokensOutput TokensEstimated Cost
GPT 3.5-Turbo6 seconds1342507.5$0.003716
GPT 4o9.86 seconds1342552$0.03983
GPT 4-Turbo12.39 seconds1342533$0.07738
Claude Haiku3.27 seconds1342506$0.0028655
Claude Sonnet9.9 seconds1342608.25$0.040521
Claude Opus16.7 seconds1342566.25$0.190005


After comparing the AI models in PostNitro, it's clear that each model has strengths and weaknesses. While the more expensive models, like GPT 4-Turbo and Claude Opus, produce higher-quality content, the cost may be prohibitive for some users.

The Claude Haiku model offers the best balance between quality and cost. The outputs felt more human and relatable, and the price was the lowest among all the models tested.

Ultimately, the choice of AI model depends on your specific needs and budget. At PostNitro, we strive to provide various options to suit different preferences and requirements.

I hope this comparison has been insightful and helps you make an informed decision when creating carousels with PostNitro.

Happy creating!

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