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The Team

The Team

The People Powering PostNitro

PostNitro was founded in 2023 by Muneeb Awan and Seerat Awan - the duo behind several successful ventures.

Muneeb (opens in a new tab) leads marketing, partnerships, and product strategy at PostNitro. He brings years of experience building and scaling platforms leveraging inbound methodology across B2B and consumer segments.

Seerat (opens in a new tab) oversees the development and technical implementation of PostNitro's offerings. He is the engineering powerhouse architecting the core carousel generation capabilities.

Together, we handle design, growth, QA, and content creation for PostNitro.

While small, our talented group is intensely passionate about crafting innovative solutions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity. We are proudly self-funded and dedicated to building sustainably over profitability.