How To
Getting Started

Getting Started

The PostNitro platform makes it easy for anyone to create stunning, optimized carousel content for social media and beyond powered by AI.

This guide will walk you through:

Key Capabilities

  • AI-based Carousel Drafting - Generate complete visual posts in seconds from topics, text, links
  • Customizable Design - Tailor with your images, videos, branding assets and styles
  • Multi-format Export - Download carousels as images, PDFs and more

Who Is It For

PostNitro empowers marketing teams, agencies, creators, publishers, and entrepreneurs to produce high-quality, high-converging carousel content quickly at scale.

How To Use This Guide

Follow along the step-by-step tutorials to:

  • Setup your account
  • Discover best practices for carousel creation
  • Review case studies
  • Maximize value across your workflows

If you would like us to add more information on any topic or need clarification, let us know through email or chat, and we'll add it here.