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Bulk Import Slide Content

How To Bulk Import Slides Content For A Carousel?

Please download our sample CSV that you can use to import content for your carousel.

CSV Explained


The headers help us map your content on the slides.

CSV headers


To better control the content for each slide the headers in the Column control the slides. These will also determine the number of slides the carousel is suppose to have.

For the Starting (Intro) slide the keyword to use is "starting_slide".

Since the body slides can be multiple just add the number of slide at the end, like "body_slide_10". The body slides can be upto 18.

For the Ending (Outro) slide the keyword to use is "ending_slide".


The headers in the Rows are used to map the content for each text field. To make things simpler the following hierarchy must be followed:

  1. Sub Heading (sub_heading) - used to map the sub heading on the Starting and Ending slides
  2. Heading (heading) - used to map the heading for each slide
  3. Description (description) - used to map the description for each slide
  4. Image (image) - used to map the image to use in each slide
  5. CTA Button (cta_button) - used to map the Swipe indicator text in Starting slide and the CTA button text on the Ending slide

The hierarchy for these headers must be followed strictly


The content to map to each slide.

CSV headers

We require the following to be text inputs, you can just leave the content blank in case you don't want something added.

For image we require that you provide a valid url that we can fetch the image from.


Import tab

Click on the Import tab in the left side menu.

Bulk Import

Download sample CSV

Click on the Download Sample CSV button to download the CSV template that you can edit

Download sample CSV

Make changes & Import CSV

After you've made the changes to the CSV, import it into PostNitro to make a carousel

Make changes & Import CSV

Preview generated carousel

From the CSV file uploaded, the system will automatically map your content onto your carousel design

Preview generated carousel

Download generated carousel

Just click on the download button to download your carousel as either PNG or PDF.

Preview generated carousel

Pro Tips

Text Formatting

  • For BOLD text, use <strong>content goes here</strong>
  • For ITALIC text, use <em>content goes here</em>
  • For Underline text, use <u>content goes here</u>
  • For Setting Accent Color on the text, use <c>content goes here</c>