How To
Set Carousel Colors

How To Set Carousel Colors To Fit Your Branding?


Click on Canvas

From the left side menu click on Canvas

Click on Canvas

Click on Colors tab

From the Canvas menu click on Colors tab.

Click on Colors

Choose colors

Pre-made color set

We've made a preset of colors that go exceptionally well together to be used in the carousel.

You can select them to quickly apply the coloring to your carousel and publish fast.

Pre-made color set

Custom color

The pre-made color set might not go well with your branding, so we've also given you then option to set your own color theme to fit your brand.

Simply enable the Custom color set toggle.

Custom color

Then you would be able to set the colors for:

  • Background: Custom color Background

  • Text: Custom color Text

  • Accent: Custom color Accent

  • Box: Custom color Box

You can change each of them by clicking on them and setting them as per your brand.

Custom color Set