How To Publish A Carousel Post On Reddit?


Save your carousel post as PNG

From PostNitro's carousel maker click on Download.

From the download preview, click on "Save as PNG". This will download the entire carousel as a ZIP file containing the slides as PNG.

Download Carousel as PNG

Go to Sub-Reddit you want to publish to

Go to Reddit (opens in a new tab), navigate to the sub-reddit you would like to publish to.


Click on "Create Post"


Select "Images & Video" and add the post title

The post title can be upto 300 character long.


Upload carousel images to the editor

Upload Carousel Images

Sort the images to fit the sequence

Sort Carousel Images

Add caption and link for the carousel slides

The caption for the carousel slide can be upto 180 character long.

You can add a link to your product, website, article etc. for each slide as well.

Add Caption and Link

Review and publish

Add Caption and Link