How To Modify A Background Image On A Carousel Slide?

When a background image is already added, by clicking on the "Background Image" again you will see the following option to modify the background image.

Update A Background Image


Replace Image

Click on the "Choose Image" button to replace the existing image with another.

Apply To All Slides

Enabling this toggle will do the following for all slides:

  • The image will be applied as a background
  • The same opacity settings will be applied
  • The same alignment settings will be applied

Apply Image To All

Set Image Opacity

Set the image's opacity % to set the contrast ratio between your content and the background image.

Set Image Opacity

Image Fit

To make sure that the image fits perfectly on the carousel you can:

  • Minimize the image to make it fit the slide width.
  • Maximize the image to make it fit the slide height.

Image Fit

Image Alignment

In case the image is overflowing over the slide width, you can:

  • position the image to the left
  • position the image to center
  • position the image to the right

Image Aligment

Delete Image

You can delete the background image by clicking on the delete button.

Set Image Opacity