How To
Set Carousel Size

How To Set Carousel Size For Each Social Platform?

How To Set Carousel Size?


  1. Click on the carousel size drop-down (next to the "Download" button in the top right corner)
  2. Select the aspect ratio for the carousel slide
  3. The new aspect ratio gets applied to the entire carousel

Aspect Ratio


  • 1:1: A carousel of size 1080x1080. Perfect fit for all social platforms.


  • 4:5: A carousel of size 1080x1350. Perfect fit for LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • 3:4: A carousel of size 1080x1440. Perfect for LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • 9:16: A carousel of size 1080x1920. Perfect for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook Stories.


  • 4:3: A carousel of size 1440x1080. Perfect for Twitter.
  • 16:9: A carousel of size 1920x1080. Perfect for presentation style carousels.