How To
Use AI To Generate

Use AI To Generate

PostNitro's AI engine generates complete, visually appealing carousel drafts based on simple text or content inputs in seconds.

The AI is trained on millions of high-performing social media carousel examples to output posts optimized for platform engagement.

Generating with AI provides a significant headstart on creation and unlocks additional benefits like:

  • Ideation assistance in finding high-potential topics
  • Initial message framing and content research
  • Complete the draft with multiple creative slides
  • Optimized text and visual elements per platform
  • Foundational design layout and styles

While the AI delivers effective carousel draft blueprints catered to your inputs, PostNitro offers extensive controls to customize every design aspect afterward.

So you get the best of both worlds - automated high-level creation combined with full creative liberties to incorporate branding, messaging, and assets.

Learn the step-by-step guide to leveraging PostNitro's AI for simplified carousel generation!