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Content From Text

How To Use AI To Generate Content For Carousels From Text?

Generate From Topic

Alongside topic-based generation, PostNitro allows the creation of full carousel drafts from free-form long text entries.

Using descriptive paragraphs and details provides more contextual information to the AI than condensed topic prompts.

Inputting Text

To generate a carousel from a text:

  1. Navigate to the PostNitro carousel designer
  2. Select the "Topic" tab from the AI Generation section in the left side menu
  3. Enter any text up to 5,000 characters into the input field

You can paste articles, blog posts, descriptive ideas, strategy overviews, or long-form content.

The more comprehensive your input, the better cues the machine learning model has to work with for carousel output.

Configuring Carousel Settings

Before generating the draft, you can tailor options like:

Language - Choose from English, French, Spanish, Dutch and 15+ other tongues to output content for your target locale.

Slides - Pick the number of slides (4-20) the carousel should generate based on the topic.

AI Model - Select the machine learning model to leverage for content creation between GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 options.

Generating Carousel Draft

Click "Generate from Text" for the AI to instantly produce visually appealing slides with images and text tailored to the details provided.

The machine learning model can better analyze relationships and structures from long-form, resulting in higher-quality carousels.

Review and customize the drafts to your needs!