How To
Set Background Image

How To Set A Background Image On A Carousel Slide?

The PostNitro platform allows users to easily add background images to carousel slides to enhance the visual appeal of their posts. The background image functionality provides several options to customize how the image is displayed:


Add a New Image

Users can add a background by either choosing a free image or uploading their own.

Replace Image

Users can upload a new image to replace the existing background image on the slide.

Apply to All Slides

Enabling this toggle will apply the background image and its display settings to all slides in the carousel, creating a uniform background:

Set Image Opacity

Adjust the opacity percentage to control the contrast between your main slide content and the background imagery.

Image Fit

Resize the background image to fit the dimensions of each slide perfectly.

Image Alignment

For images overflowing the slide width, choose to align left, center, or right within the slide boundaries.

Delete image

Easily remove the background image from one or all slides if desired.