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Building In Public,
One Step At A Time

We are building PostNitro in public and sharing our progress and our roadmap with the community.

  • Build by our users - We want to build a product that is useful for our users.
  • Transparency - We want to be transparent about our progress and our roadmap.
  • Empower People - We want to empower people to build their own products.
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Ideation, Research and Validation
We've started working on PostNitro and started validating the idea.
March 2023
Branding and Design
We started working on the branding and design of PostNitro.
March 2023
First Commit
We started working on the development of PostNitro.
March 2023
Free Inspiration Library
We started building the first feature of PostNitro. Inspiration feature will be free for everyone.
March 2023
First Release
We released the first version of PostNitro.
April 2023
Gather Feedback
We started gathering feedback from our users.
April 2023
Users Decided Next Feature
We started working on the next feature of PostNitro. Users will decide which feature will be next.
April 2023
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