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PostNitro is an AI-powered carousel maker that creates visually captivating carousels for Instagram, LinkedIn, and more to drive social engagement and growth.
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Ready-to-Use Templates

Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting, our diverse range of professionally crafted templates will inspire and accelerate your carousel creation process.
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Choose, customize, and captivate your audience in minutes.
Breaking Down Carousel Design Barriers

Carousel-Focused Design Editor

Create captivating carousels in our user friendly editor. With pre-designed templates, pre-made fonts combinations, custom colors, and image importer, designing eye-catching carousels is simple.
Just a few clicks and you're done with a carousel that's ready to be shared.

How Our Social Media Carousel Maker Works

Step 1
Input Topic
Provide a simple one-liner topic, long text or URL of any web page. Select how many slides you want and hit 'Generate'.
Step 2
Preview & Customize
Our AI will generate highly optimized carousel content with your chosen template and brand elements. You can edit anything you want.
Step 3
Download & Share
Get your perfect carousel in sharable images or PDF formats to easily publish across different social media networks.

AI-Driven Carousel Creation for Social Media

Utilize our advanced AI, PostNitro, to create premium quality and tailored carousels for your social media effortlessly.
  • From Article to Carousel
    Turn your lengthy articles into engaging carousels with just one click.
  • Topic-Based Carousel Creation
    Don't have a full article? Just a topic is enough for us to create an interesting carousel for you.
  • Custom Text to Carousel
    Provide any text and our AI will transform it into an attractive, ready-to-post carousel.
AI Powered Carousel Generator

Make It Yours with Custom Branding

Personalize your carousels with your brand fonts, colors, and team headshots to boost recognition and engagement.
  • Font & Color Palettes
    Bypass the guesswork with our predefined color combinations and font pairings, or tailor them for a more personal brand appeal.
  • Team Headshots
    Integrate unique headshots of your own or your team members into your carousels, nurturing stronger connections with your audience.
  • Upload Custom Fonts
    Augment your brand identity with the upload of your signature fonts, effortlessly enhancing user engagement.
  • Custom Color Palette
    Tailor the color palette to match your brand guide, increasing brand recognition.
Smooth Branding
Noteworthy Features

Powerful Features for Social Media Carousel Creation

For both business promotions or personal narratives, PostNitro delivers. Generate, customize, and export impactful carousel content that bolsters your social media presence.
AI Writer
Save hours of work with our automated AI content writer.
Predefined Colors & Fonts
Ready-to-use color and font combinations for instant aesthetic appeal.
Customizable Templates
Modify our templates to your needs and save your custom designs for future content creation.
Multilingual Support
Generate carousels in multiple languages, reaching a wider audience.
Custom Colors & Fonts
Upload your unique fonts and color palettes, effortlessly enhancing your brand identity and consistency.
Multiple Headshots Profiles
Incorporate various personal or team headshots, enhancing brand authenticity.
Organize your projects with workspaces, keeping your content creation process streamlined.
Team Collaboration
Collaborate with your team members, ensuring a cohesive brand message.
Zapier Integration
Seamlessly integrate with Zapier for improved automation and productivity.
Mostly Free to Use
PostNitro is mostly free to use, with premium features available for a small fee.
Export in Multiple Formats
Export your carousels in multiple formats, including PDF and PNG.
High-Quality Export
Export your carousels in high-quality, ensuring a professional look.
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We've been blown away by the ongoing support from our incredible community. They inspire us every day to keep building the best product possible.
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Senior Internet Marketer at Blocks
"Just love PostNitro, very convenient tool (and easy to use, which is a must for me)"
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"PostNitro is the superhero for content creators. The UI is your sidekick, simplifying complex design tasks."
Helping startups drive users 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
"The user interface is a breeze to navigate, making even the most complex design concepts feel like child's play :D Few clicks. And you can mix & match templates, and sprinkle in some eye-popping graphics."
Peter Hrnčiar
Web Developer & Designer
"PostNitro has proven to be an exceptional tool for making social media carousels. Its simplicity and speed are noteworthy, and the wide range of customization features it offers is impressive. I've been so satisfied with its performance that I've reached out to the creator on several occasions, eagerly inquiring about a paid version. I want to support their remarkable work. It's a pleasure to see such talented creators making tools like this. A big thank you from a satisfied user!"
Artem Konovalov
Founder & Leadership at Spellar AI
"Fantastic job with PostNitro! Your AI-driven approach is a game-changer for marketers and creators alike. Wishing the team all the best in this exciting new journey. 🚀"
Chief Executive Officer
"One of the best products. I rank them the best"
Nazish Dogar
Building an App
"I'm impressed with how PostNitro streamlines the process of creating carousel posts. It's a real time-saver, allowing users to focus more on their content strategy rather than spending excessive time on design."
Qaisar Ansar Kasana
Founder & Leadership at GoProgs
"Incredible product! I utilize it consistently, and I enthusiastically recommend it for its outstanding effectiveness."
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